Daler Mehndi Sentenced To 2 Years Jail ,Gets Bail


On Friday evening well comprehended Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi was arraigned in the 2003 human trafficking. The vocalist was taken into police authority from Punjab after he was discovered blameworthy for the situation. He was condemned to two years in jail by the court. He was, in any case, given bail later.

The on-screen character was blamed for sending individuals to another country and had purportedly dropped off 3 young ladies in San Francisco. Aside from Daler, his sibling, Shamsher Singh was likewise blamed for wrongfully sending individuals to another country camouflaged as individuals from his troupe by charging weighty ‘passage money’.

The siblings had supposedly taken another troupe to US in October 1999 where they had ‘dropped off’ three different young men at New Jersey in the organization of some other performing artist. The grievance was documented by Bakshish Singh with the Patiala Police. Daler and Shamsher are blamed for no less than 35 more different charges which incorporate misrepresentation. The siblings had supposedly taken “passage money” for helping individuals move to US yet neglected to convey what they had guaranteed.

Bakshish of Balbehra town had blamed that the siblings had hoodwinked him of his cash. He had supposedly paid lakhs of rupees to the siblings who had requested the entirety on the guise of sending him to the US however never did. Shamsher was a piece of Daler’s troupe and performed at a few shows. He passed away in October 2017. The denounced was additionally a musician and record maker

Patiala Police had even struck the workplaces of Daler Mehndi at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized records, including the case document of the individuals who had paid the charged “passage money” to Mehndi siblings.

In 2006, Patiala Police recorded two release petitions expressing Daler Mehndi to be guiltless, however the court had maintained that the artist be indicted as there might have been “adequate confirmation against him on the legal document and extension for advance examination”.


Daler Mehndi had an enormous following in the late nineties and mid 2000s for his pop melodies, including the hit numbers “Tunak Tun”, “Bolo Ta Ra” and “Saade Naal Rahoge Toh…”

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