Congress Bharat Bandh Summed Up In 5 Most Hilarious Viral Videos On Social Media!


India, a country where almost every solution to a problem starts with another problem by doing Dharna, Bandh, Rallies, what not! Especially when it comes to calling a strike we see violence, threatening to the general public and political activists creating ruckus all around the street. We’ve Seen it with Congress, BJP and other parties.

Courtesy-Headlines Today & Facebook

But since the day low-cost data came into existence in India, we all felt the importance of videos. You never know who’ll be recording what, who’s going live from where and most importantly who’ll be uploading what? Yesterday’s strike called by the All India Congress party was less effective for the party itself but more entertaining for the people on the internet.

We don’t know about the location and authenticity of any of the videos, but here are the 5 viral videos that are doing rounds on social media.

That Awkward Situation, When You Don’t Know What Question to Ask?

When A Brave Lady Managed The Congress Activists Alone

When You Never Know, When People Will React

Congress Bhi Zindabad, Modi Bhi Zindabad! To Murdabad Kiski Lagaye?!!!

And The Best Prize Goes To Our Very Own Odisha Congress Party

We Shall Do Such Strike More Often! 😉

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