Chetan Bhagat Tries His Luck With A Mystery Thriller ‘The Girl In Room 105’ For The First Time!


Chetan Bhagat who’s known for his witty romantic comedy/fiction novels and probably the first who has given a reason to the young generation to read the novels by the Indian authors.

chetan bhagat

But recently Chetan Bhagat has been accused of sexual harassment by a woman in the ongoing #Metoo movement and in between all these chaos, he launched his new book ‘The Girl In Room 105’. As his, every book contains a number, this time it has to be 105.

The marketing phenomenon is trying his luck with a mystery thriller novel for the first time and the tweeter is just can’t stop talking about it.

After reading all these tweets, we can expect his content may not appeal to people with good taste in literature but it certainly does to masses who are in wait for some unpredictable story this time. 😉

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