Boss! You Should Never Mess Up With A Guy Going To Office On Bike! Here’s The reason Why?


Why people generally don’t like Monday’s?

From college project submission to school teacher’s punishment but the most frustrating guy is the one who goes to office with Monday blues. Hoping his boss will be on a leave or expecting his boss to never return from sleep.

Well! The recent viral video shows why you should never tease someone who goes to office. Even thinking of that ruined half our fun of Sunday and by the time the clock ticks around 9am in the morning, we get so scared of the office presentation that we start doing self-introspection and ask ‘Is it Really Necessary to take this sh*t ?

Whatever the feelings are, end of the day our call of duty takes us to our workstation and whoever tries to break that motivational will power in the right direction faces the same what happened in this video.

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