BJD Boycotting OTV Is Not Even An Issue That’s Making News!


Boycotting a news channel and making it a trending news!
Well! It seems like all the other issues have been resolved in our state or we’re running out of news.

Recently Biju Janata Dal has decided to boycott OTV debates, declared in a press conference. The ruling party spokes person said that the channel is showing biased news to favour an opposition party and trying to malign the image of the Odisha govt.

So before you start thinking that this is also a news on the same, let’s have a look at the past when similar things has happened!

1. It’s Not Only BJD but BJP has also boycotted the NDTV and the right wing supporters on social media labelled the channel with a term called ‘Prestitutes’ and made a trending hashtag #BoycottNDTV on twitter

2. Independent Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani threatens to remove Republic channel mic and asked everyone to boycott the channel.

Not only in India, but internationally it has happened! Recently British political leader of Labour party¬†John McDonnell called on all Labour MPs not to appear on Russian TV Channel RT’s programmes again.

These are just few similar incidents. From Odisha to international, all we want to say that giving any comments will only be making this issue more political to divert the attention from the actual issues. So, dear all the news channels, stop ,making news out of it and concentrate on something that the people of this state wants you to show. Do a favour on us by broadcasting a prime time on how there are thousands of young graduates are migrating to other states in search of job. How the western Odisha is standing still from last decade and the govt. is taking credit of every good work and putting allegations on center for all it’s failure.

Let’s know what’s your stand on this!

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