Biggies Burger- Odisha’s Homegrown Startup Giving Tough Competition To International Giants Like KFC & Subway

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As the startup eco framework in Odisha is changing rapidly and capital Bhubaneswar is gradually turning into the next startup hub of India after Tier1 urban cities like Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi; there’s this Odisha based company which started its journey from here is now becoming the new taste of young India – ‘Biggies Burger’.

biggies burger

Much the same as their name, the brand tells you what they do and how it sounds scrappy and fun, same as their food which is giving a neck to neck rivalry to some of the international giants in the same sector like KFC, Subway and even McDonalds.

Founded by Bhubaneswar born entrepreneur Biraja Rout in 2011, Beamer Foods & Beverages, the holding company of Biggies Burger ‘n’ More [BBM], started it’s operation in IT city Bangalore.

Conceptualized as a Cafe and Fast food retail enterprise, Biggies started its outlet with a small space of 50 square feet and now it has been expanded to 24 outlets in 5 major states across India at Odisha, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu & Jharkhand & all these happened in just 7years.


But as most of us know, the biggest fear among the new startups is the manner by which these huge billion dollar foreign companies easily dominate any sector they want with their big branding and intimidate others in a competitive marketplace but when it comes to Biggies team, they unquestionably know how to play the cards to get an upper hand over these big brands.

Biggies team not just make sure to make their customers happy by doing inventions with their food products & services; they also give it a real boost by bringing smile on their customers face. This is exactly how Biggies Burger is slowly dominating the metro market like Bangalore and the fastest developing markets like Bhubaneswar, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh and focused to start their journey in 2 new states and 5 new outlets in Odisha by 2020.

Biraja Rout’s company prides itself on its robust supply chain and zero wastage policy. Without compromising on quality, taste, hygiene and quantity, the pure Desi brand ‘Biggies Burger’ which set up itself as “Pioneer of Grilled Burgers” is now getting ready to take it outside India as well by taking the franchise route.

But it is not only food, the company also attracts its’ customers by its amazing service & strong social media presence with thousands of followers and that’s another reason what makes it more popular and mainstream among the young crowd.


Thus, in case you’re a person who loves to go on outing with friends and love to spend some quality time with your buddies, then you know which is your next destination, it is our very own ‘Biggies Burger n More‘- Made In Odisha, Loved By India! 😉

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