Bhubaneswarites Are Now Divided Over Ola-UBER And You’ve To Take A Side!


If you have to reach the airport with your baggage or attend a marriage party with your family and you don’t have any four wheeler member in your house, in such situation the only thing that can rescue us these days are the transportation network companies like Ola and Uber.

Smart city people have their own preferences over these years to ride a cab and both the big names have their own customer base.

We all will agree that we do have some of the good and bad experiences with our past rides and that’s how exactly we made up our mind to pick between these two companies, regardless of how much our friend or colleague wants to convince us through their example led argument, we still go for our choice when we book a cab.

And our opinion is so freaking ridiculously strong on who charge less, which company cabbie is more well behaved and there’s this possibility that we can get confused between subscription of Netflix and Amazon Prime, however, we never get confused to book our ride with our top pick and favourite one.

“My friend had a really bad experience with his ride, where he has been charged nearly 1000 rupees to the airport and the incident is nearly 10 months back and since that day, he’s suffering from ‘Cabophobia‘ – tries to convince every other guy standing next to him, even putting his extra efforts in plotting some fictional stories to finally make him believe that- YES! I TRUST YOU & I SWEAR I WILL NOT BOOK A CAB WITH THEM!” – said Anjali Sinha, working in an IT company.


What’s more, this is so relatable, isn’t it?

If you closely look at their charging policy, you’ll realize it’s very diverse just like our society.

Let’s see how they categorizes the ride with Base Fare, Distance Fare, Ride Time Fare, Toll Charges, GST 5%, which sometimes make me question my little poor wallet which sticked to my ass for no reason at all, that whether it’s paying up for setting up my ass on that seat to reach a destination or to face bankruptcy just for riding a cab. Sorry, it’s an Air Conditioned cab where the driver plays the song of his Choice.

But still, we take the ride every odd day.

And thanks to those unusual but real cold wars, the UBER is now expanding and guess where OLA has started functioning? In the United Kingdom after commanding 60% market share in the Indian market.

So which side you’re on!?

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