Bhubaneswar Turned Into Venice After Heavy Rainfall, Thanks To BMC!


Thanks to the good governance, now our people are proudly comparing our smart city Bhubaneswar with Venice.

Residential areas in Acharya Vihar get waterlogged after heavy rains that lashed Bhubaneswar today and every real estate prices hit a new high as every building is sea facing now.

Not only that poeple on social media are suggesting Naveen Patnaik to fight elections in Venice because Bhubaneswar couldn’t be made Venice, but vice versa can happen if they’ll allow Naveen to fight election in Venice.

The dissatisfaction of Bhubaneswar people is clearly visible as the rain left many people stranded in water-logged roads and some people are unable to come out of their houses.

As climate change takes its toll on coastal cities around the world, it seems like Bhubaneswar is most affected or may be we’re affected because our govt. has not taken any crucial steps to fight such situation.

Last year also Bhubaneswar faced similar situation

Heavy rains battered the capital and adjoining areas in just few hours, disrupting daily life of Bhubaneswar people.

The only good news is that the rains lashed most parts of the coastal area including the twin cities bringing down the temperature by several degrees.

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