BSF- A Team In BBSR Is Bringing Back The Forgotten Culture Of Oral Storytelling


The ‘Bhubaneswar Storytelling Forum’ has been highly intriguing in bringing back the forgotten ancient culture of oral storytelling in today’s world. We all know how storytelling plays a very salient role in everyone’s life, but we all have to agree that eventually with time and growing technology, people are forgetting the essence of this beautiful culture.

The BSF is actively creating a beautiful forum and bestowing a friendly and interactive platform for all the people, even those who never had the audacity to enunciate before a crowd or had never encountered any such latitude.


Aided by a couple of friends, Bhubaneswar Storytelling Forum has been founded by Ms. Bharat Chainy who is an avid storytelling lover. From the month of June 2018, BSF has been organising oral storytelling events at a Cafe in Bhubaneswar. Along with children, the group wants to keep the predominant focus on oral storytelling for adults.

Their back to back events opened to an audience of story aficionados ranging from various age groups and professions. The event was based on the theme ‘Festivals of India’. The storytellers had come up with illustrious
stories about different festivals of our country. Each storyteller had captivated the entire crowd with their idiosyncratic style of presentation.


Among the storytellers were few eminent personalities of Odisha, first-timers who had never thought of expressing in front of an audience and also people from the younger generation. Ms.Amita Pattanaik had introduced us to a tribal Kui festival called “Meria Idu” through a self-written story. Mr.Srimoy Kar shared a political satire story, written by his father. This story based on the backdrop of “Dola Jatra”. Ms.Anupama Srivastava’s story was written by her and was based on the fun times around Holi festival. Mr.Purna Rao’s sweet story celebrating love had started on a Ganesh Puja. Mr.Mangesh Dash’s story unravelled the bitter truth that in spite of celebrating our festivals signifying togetherness and love, with so much fun, we get divided by the inhuman beliefs and the barrier still remains unbridged.


Mr.Gaurav Sinha’s story portrayed about a heart-rending time of Holi celebrations at a foreign land with a white family. Ms.Nitu Gupta shared an inspiring story for women, based on the Dusherra festival. Ms. Meghna Patnaik shared a lovely story about the ‘Sukhua Bohu Puja’ of Puri. Mr.Raja Singh was the last storyteller for the evening, whose story was a page from the epic Mahabharat.

The entire event was not only highly informative but also captivating.

Bhubaneswar Storytelling Forum is sincerely uplifting this lovely culture of oral storytelling and giving latitude to all the hidden storytellers. All the events organised by this group have been noteworthy and remarkable because of every single person succouring BSF and the dynamic storytellers.

You can reach Bhubaneswar Storytelling Forum at their social media handle.

Story Submitted By- Ms.Meghna Patnaik


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