BHUBANESWAR Is Now Among The Safest City Of The Planet!


The city never stop surprising us or you can say it’s the next big thing in India!

Pic Courtesy- Chai Bisket

As per the Global Smart City Performance Index-2017 by Juniper Research, which was released on March 12, Bhubaneswar has been placed at the 13th spot in terms of safety as measured by crime levels, mortality and law enforcement services’ efforts to combat these challenges.

Which eventually makes it one of the safest city in the planet. Even cities in California, Texas and Utah couldn’t make it. Previously also Bhubaneswar has won the National Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards-2017 by the American Planning Association (APA).

However, public perceptions about crime don’t always align with the data. Despite the downward trend in both violent and property crime rates in the Bhubaneswar but still the crime rate is definitely a major concern for the govt. Here’s the list of other 19 cities who made it to the list.

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