Bhubaneswar Introduced ‘Odyssey Card’ For Common City Payment System – The Thing We Were Looking For!


We call it “Super se Upar” step! BMC & BBSR Smart City Limited is taking every step to make Bhubaneswar a smart city in real and not on pen and paper. And the new Odyssey Card is the proof of that.

Planning from smart city road to bio-toilets, every step that BMC is taking is creating buzz across the city and why not?


If Arvind Kejriwal can introduce home delivery of govt. services in Delhi why can’t we introduced the system that will help our citizens for an easier and advanced life. The recent example is Bhubaneswar Smart City Card which will be known as “Odyssey Card“, which is going to be a reality very soon.

For a better access to city services, BMC, BBSR Smart City in association with ICICI bank introduced Odyssey Card for setting up common city payment system. Where a single cashless instrument can be used for all payment needs across the city Bhubaneswar. And it can be easily obtained from the BMC office.

How To Get An Odyssey Card?

Odyssey Card

It’s simple! A customer can fill an application with his/her details and can get it instantly. It can be used to give municipal payments like Water taxes, Property taxes, License fees, Solid waste management user fee and parking charges and many more. The beauty of this card is that you can use it at different merchant outlets/shopping malls and online payments just like your credit or debit card.

And very soon the card will also give them access to the citizens to travel in intercity and intracity bus travel in BBSR.

How to track your expense?

Odyssey Card

A different customer portal is also made available to check the details such as balances, viewing statement and you can reload the card. You can access the customer portal by creating a unique login id and password with 24*7 helpline number.

Watch the video to get more information!

What are you waiting for?! 🙂

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