Bhubaneswar Girl Abused By Ola Driver After She Cancelled Her Trip!


With more and more people using services like Ola and Uber, conflict between drivers and passengers are on the rise. In most cases, it is the driver who is responsible for the incidents. And this case from Bhubaneswar is the proof.

Recently there has been a new trend among OLA drivers. They ask you every details after booking but do not arrive at the point to pick you up forcing you to cancel on them….And yes you get charged for that….!!  After the “I cancelled OLA because” hype, yet again OLA is in news, not because of culture bias but because of misbehavior with another lady passenger.

And this incident again lead us to think if the drivers working for cab service company Ola in BBSR are getting trained properly! They often act rude to their customers and weeks ago another girl was abused just because she cancelled the ride as she was getting late.

The driver used harsh and abusive words for her….words that we cannot even mention.

Not only that the so called customer service of the cab service could not even responded to the complaint against the driver and as expected the complaint call went unresponsive.

This is to be remembered by the passengers that most of the time the number for ola safety doesnt even ring. And it clearly indicates that if ola driver can use such abusive languages, how can we be assured of the safety of our women and children on a cab ride?

Last month a woman alleges rape against an Ola driver at Greater Noida and later on 2 person arrested by Noida police.

This shows Ola doesn’t screen its drivers properly before hiring. Listen To The Incident Below & let us know your take on this!

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