The Best Thing Ever Happened To Odisha Is ‘Pakhala-The Royal Cuisine’ & You Can’t Beat That!


Do you know what is “The ROYAL CUISINE of Odisha: it is ‘Pakhala‘. Well, eating Dahi Pakhala on a hot summer with the family & nothing can be more refreshing than that!

This is the favorite food of every Odia people. When you add some Ginger, Chilly, Lemon, Coriander leaves and Curry leaves to it, it becomes more tasty. As Kolkata and Hyderabad serves different kind of Biriyani with a never ending argument that which one is better, Odisha serves something unique, original and ROYAL which can’t be compared with any other food and the ‘The Pakhala Saga’ is not ending here. Just like different types of Biriyani of the big cities, Pakhala has also it’s types.

If you want to know about Odisha then you can’t just ignore it. From Bihari to Bengali, everyone who’s living in Odisha can explain you the best and taste of it just like any other Odia people. Because of it’s popularity now some 5-Star big restaurants have also added the cuisine in their menu.

As we celebrate 20th March as Pakhala Divas in the entire world, there’s saying which describes and relate every Odia people “Odia mana, Odia prana bujhe pakhara kansa…” .

You can’t find any food in this world which can match with the side dishes but Pakhala is the only who never mind it at all to add something with it; whether it’s Pakhala-Badhi Chura, Dahi-Pakhala, Pakhala-Khatta, Pakhala-Chicken, Pakhala-Chuin Bhaja, Pakhala-and anything… and so on!

So, next time when someone will ask you for your fav. food, don’t shy and proudly say it is PAKHALA!

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