Bengaluru Incident Repeated In BBSR. Girls Misbehaved With & Thrashed In Broad Daylight At Patia & No One Reacts

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The world which worships goddess Durga also has experienced such heinous crimes against her daughters. Not even a week passed to Bengaluru NYE incident and the same repeated in BBSR. The only difference was BBSR incident happened in broad daylight.

Today BBSR brings shame and girls feel disgusted by how it treated women. Every girl at some(This) point forced to think that life would have been easier if she was a boy!!

BBSR, Bengaluru Incident Repeated In BBSR. Girls Misbehaved With & Thrashed In Broad Daylight At Patia & No One Reacts

On Friday evening when a BBSR based girl Baishali Bishwal have posted the video and argument of the incident along with some of the culprits pictures, it went viral on social media for all the right reasons. As per a report around four to five youths passed lewd comments and abused three girls near Magnet Square on the Patia-Nandankanan Road in Bhubaneswar.

When a girl objected, another group of boys believed to be the friends of the eve-teasers, allegedly thrashed one of the girls and their male friend. First misbehaved, then threatened and then thrashed A GIRL & her male friend& that’s where you become a man!

BBSR, Bengaluru Incident Repeated In BBSR. Girls Misbehaved With & Thrashed In Broad Daylight At Patia & No One Reacts

One of the girl said that “Some boys passed lewd comments and when we resisted another group of boys came and started attacking us and my friend. While one of my friends was recording the incident on the mobile phone, they tried to damage it.”

When the country is discussing over Bengaluru our BBSR became part of one of such incident & we did our part in which we’re best, #Chanting our bravery on social media & started being a keyboard warrior. ‘In logon ko saja honi chahiye, kutte ki maut maro inko’, ‘Don’t worry,i’m with you’, ‘How dare they can do this? We’re with you girl!’

Let’s get this straight!

Girls who gone through that situation doesn’t need your sympathy on social media neither they are posting to get so. So keep it with you. We everyday share and post on the rights of woman and condemning the Bengaluru incident on facebook and twitter; keep on doing that until start trending but how about being a spectator while same kind of situation arises! Be a real life hero and stand and support every girl that needs your help fighting these Fu****g A**holes who think it’s their right to misbehave, comment and molest every girl because guys like us find it comfortable to stand and watch instead of react and stop.

We salute to the girl like Samta, other 2 girls & her friend Sarthak for fighting back against these culprits. But today again we failed as a society and ashamed to be called as a man! What’s more sad is that most of the messages about this incident or any violent act against our girl will go unnoticed and the people will forget about what happened with time and again the same will be repeated!

Here’s the original video post. Share this until these guys get arrested!

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