BBSR, Rourkela & 3 Municipal Corporations To Have San Francisco Model Of ‘Toilet On Wheels’


It all started with Swachh Bhara  and now Odisha govt. is taking to next level by introducing a complete new project to make the corporations a complete open defecation free city. In a new movement Odisha govt. has decided to introduce ‘Toilet On Wheels‘ project. The similar kind of project which is already going on at Worlds most advanced cities like San Francisco and also in Pune.

Rourkela, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Behampur will initially implement this project and later on it will be extended to other parts of the state. Odisha govt. is also planning to take all the retired public transportation buses and converts them into mobile hygiene units. Storage tanks underneath the buses will collect sewage from the toilets.

The corporations will pull their ‘Toilet On Wheels’ buses in front of the selected locations. While the buses offer these advantages over sanitary and cleanliness , actually converting the old buses into this project is quite a design and engineering challenge. One of the biggest challenges was maintaining the structural integrity of the bus– making sure that the bus won’t tip or fall over when taking turns. Converting these buses required a very careful design.

The govt. is planning to avail all time water and electricity facility in the buses. OUIDF will bear all the costs of the project while the govt. is also considering to invest from the Clean India fund to start in Bhubaneswar on test basis.


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Arvind Parida


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