This BBSR Guy Trolls Rasagolla Verdict After Didi’s Half Tweet & You Can’t Believe His Savage Equation!


Don’t get me wrong, these trolls are savage, but they’re also either done for the right reasons, or are just so hilarious that we let them get away. But the way this BBSR guys has defined the Rasagolla verdict is definitely not so sweet for the West Bengal CM but it’s hilarious as AF for us!

After ‘Banglar Rasagolla’ got it’s G. I. tag, Mamata Banerjee tweeted the half news stating ‘Bengal has got the G.I tag for Rasagolla.’ But the truth was far from that as WB has got the G.I. tag for ‘Banglar Rasagolla‘ and not for Rasagola. As soon as the news agencies started updating this ‘War Of Rasagolla‘ news, the eastern part of the country immediately got divided over this sweet, more specifically the Odia & Bengalis.

But the WB celebration on this half BREAK-ing news has now turned into hilarious tweets & trolls. But the way this BBSR guy has defined the WB’s fake win over Rasagolla is probably the best humorous explanation to the verdict. We can’t take the credit of his posts. Just check it out the equation & share your opinion!

Now all we can say to our neighbors and Mamata didi is that check complete facts before tweeting something.

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