The Most Awaited Raja Festival Finally Arrived & Odisha Is Celebrating It In The Best Way Like Always!


We call it Raja! Odisha’s biggest festival ‘Raja’ has finally arrived & today is Pahili Raja and upcoming 2days are going to be widely celebrated across the state.

First Pahiliraja then Raja Sankranti and Bhuin daana. Young girls wear new clothes and put Alaktaka in their feet on the occasion. Swings ( dolies or dolas ) are put into action for these three days. There are various types of dolies, such as Chakra doli,Baunsa doli,jhula doli,Agi doli etc. Raja is one of the oldest tradition of Odisha.

Some people believe that Raja is slowly loosing it’s cultural identity among the young and rural mass, but this is completely opposite. The festival which used to celebrated in villages are now having huge impact on the rural area girls & they’re celebrating Raja in the most beautiful way.

Let’s know some of the facts about Raja & get ready to be tagged in hundreds of rajo pictures today! 😉

The Melody Of The Festivity

The swings are of different varieties, such as ‘Ram Doli’, ‘Charki Doli’, ‘Pata Doli’, ‘Dandi Doli’ etc. Songs specially meant for the festival speak of love, affection, respect, social behavior and everything of social order that comes to the minds of the singers. Through anonymous and composed extempore, much of these songs, through sheer beauty of diction and sentiment, has earned permanence and has gone to make the very substratum of Odisha’s folk-poetry.

Poda Pitha During Raja Festival

While girls thus scatter beauty, grace and music all around, moving up and down on the swings during the festival, young men give themselves to strenuous games and good food, on the eve of the onset of the monsoons, which will not give them even a minute’s respite for practically four months making them one with mud, slush and relentless showers, their spirits keep high with only the hopes of a good harvest.

As all agricultural activities remain suspended and a joyous atmosphere pervades, the young men of the village keep themselves busy in various types of country games, the most favourite being ‘Kabadi‘. Competitions are also held between different groups of villages. All nights ‘Yatra‘ performances or ‘Gotipua‘ dances are arranged in prosperous villages where they can afford the professional groups. Enthusiastic amateurs also arrange plays and other kinds of entertainment.

Culinary Delights

The special variety of cake prepared out of recipes like rice-powder, molasses, coconut, camphor, ghee etc. goes in the name of “Poda Pitha” (burnt cake). The size of the cake varies according to the number of family members. Cakes are also exchanged among relatives and friends. In these 3 days girls hardly take rice during the three-day festival and sustain only with this type of cake, fried-rice (‘Mudi’) and vegetable curry.

And ‘Pan‘ of course! How can we forget that! You had one today? 🙂

Let’s not forget to try and celebrate this festival so that the young generation will learn importance of the occasion.

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