Archita Has Made A Excellent Remark On ODIA’s On Which We All Will Agree But No One Openly Admits

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Recently Archita has made a remark on Odia’s in Odisha Nirmana Conclave of Kanak Sambad. But before getting into Archita’s remark let’s clarify this! We’re proud to be Odia only among Odia’s, when we go outside state, our stand on being proud of an Odia changed with criticizing own people, state , language and their life style. We love to talk in Hindi and English with friends on streets and feel shy to talk in Odia in a 5star hotel.

Most of the people will disagree to the above things and what Archita said in the video! And that’s what i want to bring to the notice. She put her point so neatly and excellently that some so called self declared intellectuals may not agree and probably soon the article will over they will start commenting to project that they feel so honored and proud to be born in Odisha and she doesn’t have a valid point. But wait! Keep everything in your pocket and read the below lines carefully and let me know again your perspective on that.

ODIA, Archita Has Made A Excellent Remark On ODIA’s On Which We All Will Agree But No One Openly Admits

We all’ll disagree that we feel shy to talk in Odia only because someone will raise their finger on us saying ‘that you’re not a proud Odia’. We All will keep on commenting and criticizing the film industry but no one knows when an Odia movie receives national awards for their own stories.

We all will say Odia-Khodia, without realizing that they’re too a part of this culture. Pulling legs of own people and then comeout clean to comment that this state will never grow. Every Odia need to be careful and should maintain distance from these kind of people, who are a potential threat to the upcoming generation of Odisha. What makes me worry is the percentage of these people are more in my state.

The young generation need to know it and say it loudly we are what we are and we’re proud of it & it’s not only for social media or to showcase. Being an Odia and feel proud about it is a deep feeling and connection to the people of this very land and with your motherland.

We need to stop pulling each others leg, we need to stop criticizing our own people in front of others. We need to stop taking proud of what our ancestors have done and should start creating a new identity of our own. 21st century should belong to Odisha youths.

And everyone needs to fulfill that. Take this message and let everyone know who’re not reading this. Give a tight Slap to those double standard hypocrite so called Odia’s and give a tight hug to those who are silently working to change the upcoming Odia generation.”

As an Odia today we feel proud of you Archita for your remarks and hope that your spirit and words will inspire this generation to adopt and appreciate their own people. Take a look what Archita said!


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