Archaeologist Found 2500Year Old Lost City In Odisha Near Bhubaneswar; Bigger Than Ancient Athens!


Odisha is all about it’s glorious history and amazing ancient architectures. There are architectural marvels like the Jagannath temple and the Lingaraj temple but believe us, here in Odisha lies something more older than these. In an archaeological investigation back in 2008, archaeologists have dug out the remains of a 2,500-year-old city from under the ruins of an ancient fort on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

From the remains, those archaeologists discovered that this ancient city was way bigger than the Athens of the Greece. Athens is one of the oldest named cities in the world, having been continuously inhabited for at least 5000 years. This ancient city new BBSR had four gateways and could have housed up to 25,000 people. Even classical Athens had only 10,000 people.

So you can guess how big this city was. No wonder the people lived in this city must be rich enough as the findings include debris of household pottery and terracotta ornaments, pointing to an advanced lifestyle led by the people who lived there. Eighteen pillars were found among the remnants of the grand city.

Named as Sishupalgarh, it’s considered to be the most visible standing architectural monument discovered in India so far.

“It was a very important city with well-built walls and a big expanse. The pillars we found were part of a gigantic structure, probably used for public gatherings,” added Mohanty who was part of the excavation team which also had members from the Archaeological Survey of India and University of California. Sishupalgarh was once ruled by the Kalinga kings & the fort of Sisupalgarh was the capital of KalingaKing Kharavela in around 100 AD. The ruins of the raw stone fort is still available near the banks of river Daya close to state capital city of Bhubaneswar,Orissa.

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