Anti-Romeo Squad In Odisha Would Be Much Better To Stop Eve-Teasing In Full Force!


On new Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s order UP police shaped the anti-romeo squad to tackle the eve-teasers in the state. From most recent couple of days the break down of cops in various parts of in the state UP can be a lesson for Odisha and all the more particularly those places in the state where the number of eve-teasing and sexual harassment is more. And observing the present scenario no doubt that capital BBSR is one of them.

Multiple eve-teasing and sexual harassment cases have been enlisted and gone viral in last few months and 2 of them are from Bhubaneswar which shook the entire state. This act of molesting women has sometimes resulted in rape and even death of the victim.

In one such horrific instance in Bihar, few young guys eve teased a 18 year old college woman on her way home ; she was outraged and yelled at the guys. Following day the lady was abducted, assaulted and beaten by similar men until she was dead. 

Is it’s a period for state govt. to actualize such govern as ‘Anti-Romeo’ squad and frame a group in each district to tackle the eve-teasers and molesters. Anti-Romeo squads were out in full force on the streets of Meerut and other parts of the UP. To the extent Smart City Rourkela and Sambalpur is concerned, it’s one of the most secure place for the woman as very few such horrific incidents has happened in the recent past.

But irrespective of the location and district, do you think that Odisha should also implement to teach a hard lesson to these Road Romeos? What’s your view!!?

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