These 6 Cities Of Odisha Will Now Serve Draught Beer For The First Time To Divert Youths From Alcohol!!


Do you know that recently govt. has decided to sell draught beer in 6 cities of Odisha!

As per the new excise policy announced here on Monday, Draught Beer will be sold in beer parlors, hotels, clubs and restaurants in six cities – Cuttack, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Puri, Berhampur and the state capital. So the number of places serving draught beer will highly increase very soon.

The government has stated that draught beer will be sold to divert young generation from strong alcohol as draught beer will have less percentage of alocohol. For the first time, model premium liquor shops will be opened at airport, shopping malls and three-star hotels.

Besides, hotels and clubs will be given permission to open additional bars. To encourage local entrepreneurship, the retailers shall have to lift a minimum quantity of 5 per cent of their beer requirement from each of the breweries inside the state in a month.

The state government will issue temporary licence for consumption of liquor on the premises. The licence will be granted by the district collector after prior approval of the excise commission. The department will charge Rs 10,000 up to 500 persons per day, Rs 20,000 between 501 to 1,000 persons per day and Rs 30,000 above 1,001 to above persons per day

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