Why Rourkela, BBSR & The Entire Odisha Needs To Use Swachh Bharat App To keep The City Clean & Green?


It’s been months since Rourkela and Bhubaneswar has been declared as Smart City by the govt. & as we see in the television media and print media about the huge investment in these two cities. But the question always comesout in between “Are we really getting smart?” Why only Rourkela & Bhubaneswar, not the entire Odisha. Why not Sambalpur, Berhampur, Cuttack and why not even the backward districts.

Courtesy- India Today

If the govt. schemes can reach out to those areas, then why not the govt. promoted digital services through which we can achieve the goal of Shining Rourkela, Shining Bhubaneswar or Shining Odisha. We have observed that it is very difficult for any individual to pick up rubbish from streets and so is the reason the central govt comes up with the idea to introduce the Swachh Bharat App.

Recently RMC has conducted a meeting regarding the Swachh Bharat Campaign and shared their idea with everyone. But it’s a citizens’s responsibility to carry it forward and help the RMC to keep the city clean and green.

Does a city has to be a smart city to avail basic requirements from the govt. or does it require to become a smart city to follow the basic responsibility of citizen to keep their city clean. There are not only 2 or 3 but many reasons to promote the clean India campaign and to keep your city clean though the app and through your service towards your city and state.

Then What Are The Profits or Objectives
Promote a global cause
Educate the player about the importance of cleanliness
Intensive campaign for awareness generation
Importance of dirt free water
Educate the citizens about the app and it’s importance of cleanliness
Cleanliness and sanitation benefits
Inculcate social responsibility to keep surrounding clean

Like any good deed, this mission also requires a massive public participation in every area. So take the pledge to become the first one to take a step towards clean India.

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