3 Videos Of Odisha Was Trending Nation Wide Last Week & Not One of Them Is Delightful


If you got questions, we got three absolute reasons why Odisha was trending in India last Week. Not one of them is a delightful memory to remember but shows the uglier side of those sick people for whom, we are writing up this article. If we talk about Odisha trending in national media, it takes us a long way back to not so proud of memories. While Some of them are the proudest moments for Odisha, most of them are the scars on Odisha’s projection on outer world.

It all started from Dina majhi, when he carries the corpse of his wife on shoulders as he couldn’t afford a hearse van. His inhuman and humiliating experience stirred nation-wide sympathy; People of Odisha in packed public buses and stuck in traffic gridlocks forgot their inconvenience for a few minutes to talk about Majhi. There has been more than four similar cases like Dina Majhi that happened till now since that day.

Afterwards, there was a deluge of women molestation on TV. A week has not been passed since Bangalore Molestation, an ugly news spell , seems to have been forgotten until again in Odisha three girls have been misbehaved and probably attacked in Bhubaneswar.

Soon after Bhubaneswar incident similar kind of instance happened in Cuttack. One man was teasing a girl in market place but this time the girl fights back and beats up that eve-teaser publicly. We got enough reasons for this story to be retold. Because such act of never backing down ignites the will to face such incidents, in the hearts of girls of Odisha.

In a shameful incident, Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel were caught thrashing mercilessly a dibyang (differently-abled) man in full public view at Balasore railway station in Odisha.

After all these things happened in just one week, Hope to get some good news from Odisha will also become national news in upcoming days.

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