These 10 pictures Perfectly Sum Up The True Condition Of India’s So Called Number1 Smart City ‘Bhubaneswar’!


It can be so hard to explain the reality of being a smart citizen of India’s number 1 smart city. Truly It is!
From recieving the top smart city award to receiving USA global award for best smart city plan; but here is the truth which is shaming the govt and the BMC.

Check out the pictures below & start asking questions.

These traffic conditions seems to have worsened after the spell of heavy rain almost every year.

From past so many years we’ve been seeing the road in the same poor condition. But still the result is same.
Don’t you think it’s the time that the govt. should stop doing cosmetic beautification of Bhubaneswar and start doing some real work for these kind of conditions!

Pic Courtesy-Santosh Barik

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