1 Yr Completed To Biggest Blunder In Odia News History, When This News Paper Labelled Journalist As A Suspected Terrorist!


You know there’a great quote said by french politician Charles m. de talleyrand in the 17th century and he has quoted that “This Is Worse Than A Crime, it’s Blunder.” Especially when everyday thousands of people follow you, there’s no 2nd chance of being wrong or doing such consequential mistakes.

And that’s what, once a popular newspaper ‘Sambad‘, did last year in 2016, which eventually became the reason for it’s fall as some people speculate. Newsdog.today has rightly published that “The errors by media can make one’s reputation vulnerable in a spur of the moment, and same happened with Rajdeep Sardesai.”

What Was The Incident!

On 23rd September 2016, Sambad’s article followed developments in Mumbai where school children claimed they found a group of men carrying arms near the Uran naval base. While the first child informed the school principal about one suspected terrorist, Odia daily Sambad had published a news on it’s cover page with renowned and one of the India’s leading journalist Rajdeep Saresai’s picture but not in the capacity of a famous news anchor but as a terror suspect. Yes! you heard it right. Once a famous news paper ‘Sambad’ had published Rajdeep Sardesai as a terrorist suspect on it’s cover page.

And as soon as the news reached to Rajdeep, he reacted in the most obvious way and thrashed Sambad for it’s blunder.

This is how Rajdeep reacted!

After a single tweet by him, the entire national media came into action & started pointing out Odisha’s daily ‘Sambad’, for its careless journalism.

After which the daily news paper aplogized for it’s Twitter-ised journalism which is of course influenced by some twitteraties fake troll tweets.

Though Rajdeep accepted their apology but it was too late to control the damage.

Nationally and statewide Odisha became the hot topic due to the blunder committed by a single newspaper. And after one year people have learned a lesson too, to be careful while choosing a paper to subscribe and to check the facts and not to believe every news that is published on it’s cover!

Be careful and ask questions and don’t forget to share this and take a lesson!

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