The Young New You Tubers From Odisha Is Looking For A Home In Your Heart Which They Deserve!

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Odisha’s been producing some unique young talents lately. Be it in the field of sports, politics, acting or film making, these talents from Odisha are killing it out there.¬†With the growing influence of the Internet, short films are increasingly attracting more viewers and have become a popular medium for story-tellers.

Such films are made with the urge to tell an engaging story and it is possible to do so in less than half the time and with a fraction budget. Short films are also a field for budding filmmakers and enthusiasts to come and play with their talent and skills before moving on to the big league.

We have rummaged through youtube and bring to you such young youtubing talents from Odisha who are known as DreamScheme. Their quality Short stories will keep you engaged while delivering you the perfect Odiappa feeling.

So without much ado here are some videos from Dreamscheme archive that will make you ROFL and some even leave you in splits thinking.

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