Yet Another Good Musical Experience From Ollywood But Why The Sequence Is Same Again!

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It starts with a sweet smile of child artist Arnavi and then Prakruti Mishra and Sambhav have just nailed the entire song with their amazing expressions. No doubt that Ollywood is slowly moving to Youtube instead of traditional TV Albums and they’re a doing amazing job in that.

Suresh Patnaik Films Nazdikiyan 2  released today on valentines day and it reminds everyone about their loved ones. Thinking about all of your crushes and romances, this video is amazingly directed and choreographed by the team. As far as the cinematography is concerned, you can compare it with any other Bollywood albums; it is that superb.

Let’s move from appreciation part now! Everyone is superb in the entire Nazdikiyan 2 but the few still confused why the name is in Hindi.  People are already appreciating the effort and it’s a good sign but still it leaves a small mark for the critics and audience. Secondly the end of the story of this album is unexpected the way it was going on and it is also same as most of the new albums ended up with something which is similar to others.

We will give it a ★★★★☆

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