Yes I’m a Girl Who is Menstruating and I’m Here To Stay

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Menstruation!!! And if you hate this word then please stop here and go back because here I’m going to talk about periods, menstrual blood, sanitary napkins, menstrual hygiene and stuff. If you’re easily offend by these terms I suggest please don’t read further, you sexist!

Menstruation is as normal as breathing and eating. Menstruation is a monthly shedding of a female’s uteral lining; it lasts about 3 to 5 days (average) and contains blood and tissue that exits her body through the cervix and vagina – the first day of menstruation is the first day of your period. A girl experiences her first periods approximately at the age of 13.

What’s The Reason?

From ancient times we have been taught that during periods girls should not enter temple and kitchen.But the actual reason of stopping them from going outside is due the weakness they feel during the period.

Which has been slowly mistaken as a part of the tradition and till now most of the people still follows it.

How difficult is this to understand?

This is something that gives women the power to produce another life. How can something associated to creating new life be become such an intolerant issue? It is time we raise our voice against all the adversities a menstruating women faces! About 82% of women in India are indifferent towards the real issue of menstrual hygiene. Due to their poor economical conditions they are not able to buy a single sanitary pads. Women use ash, dead leaves, old clothes during their periods and can this get any worse? This in turn takes a dangerous turn and they suffer from cervical cancer.

It’s high time we should initiate spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene. The root cause of of all these lies in our oblivion towards menstruation. It is high time the Government should start awareness programs and provide cheap sanitary pads as the all these scenarios are screaming loudly that everything is wrong.

The real man who inspired PADMAN movie of Akshay Kumar. Courtesy-BBC

We will soon see a movie called “Padman” based on the real life story of a social entrepreneur Arunachalam Muruganantham who has invented low cost sanitary.

Muruganantham is credited for innovating grassroots mechanisms for generating awareness about traditional unhygienic practices around menstruation in rural India  & his mini-machines, which can manufacture sanitary pads for less than a third of the cost of commercial pads, have been installed in 23 of the 29 states of India. He is currently planning to expand the production of these machines to 106 nations.

As everyone needs  to understand the myths around period, we need more people like Muruganantham to make our world a better place to live.

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