Fact Check: Unverified News Spread Against Union Minister Jual Oram On Facebook

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Once fake news has been published online, content spreads across all the plaforms slowly, and by the time it is eventually removed the seeds of fake news may have already been sown among internet users.

As elections are coming near and a great deal of political dramatization is yet to start, social media is playing a vital role in igniting the fake news propaganda. Dozens of news portals has recently opened only in last 6 months and the govt. has no idea whether they’re authentic or not.

Even they’re unable to take any action on the portals who’re continue to publish unverified news, just to give mileage to political parties.

Recently a news spread across internet stating that ‘RSP Is Planning To Ban Jual Oram In Rourkela House.’ But that’s not it! Embarrassing Jual Oram and his supporters, it has said that they’re misutilizing the offices of Rourkela House therefore as a result the authorities decided to ban him.

But the truth is far from reality. Following 2 long periods of this viral news, previous BJYM President Kunal Gaurav affirmed this on his official handle that there’s no such data on this and the news is totally false as on 8thJune New Delhi based office of the union minister confirmed it with a letter where it has clearly mentioned that on 11th June he’ll be residing at Rourkela House and on 12th the minister will be attending program at Rourkela.

The deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via news portals are now creating disturbing circumstances for the real journos. Every day, social media spread so-called fake news, which include plain misinformation, misleading propaganda and bold untruths.

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