Uber Driver Waits In The Middle Of The Arabian Sea & Becomes A Butt Of Jokes On Facebook

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The technology has become very advanced and it has made transportation very easy. In the times when it is very difficult and costly to take cabs to go to any place technology is her to help. With numerous mobile applications on our smart phones it only takes few second to book a cab or an auto to go somewhere. The only thing that takes time is the cab driver getting out location and reaching out to us.

It happens with me every damn time that the cab driver takes forever to trace me even if I clearly mention my location and it irritates me to hell when I see his location in the same place for a long time. I mean what can you possibly be doing in a single place when you have a passenger to pick up?

Well these things are obnoxious but seems like Hussain Shaikh has to bother a lot owing to the location his cab driver is. Reportedly he booked a cab and while he saw his location he taken a back. The cab driver’s location was that of Arabian Sea. Well clearly Hussain didn’t book a cab but probably a submarine.

He took Facebook to share this in a humorous way quoting “Aslam Bhai submarine se aarele hai” which means Aslam Bhai(what happens to be the cab driver’s name) is coming on a submarine.

This is not the first time something bizarre like this happened. Earlier someone’s cab showed that it is in the South Atlantic ocean and it got savagely roasted by netizens. We hope the cab drivers don’t get influenced by these and start doing such supernatural actions.


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