Suresh Prabhu Saved A 2YO Kid From Odisha, Just By A Single Tweet Of A Despearate Passenger!

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From sending wheel chair to 80year old woman to sending milk for a new born kid, we all have heard about the super hero act of Suresh Prabhu, the railway minister of India. But this time it really happened in Odisha and we can’t stop thanking the govt. for such an amazing service which is saving many lives and bringing our faiths on the govt. After reding the entire story we’re sure you can’t stop yourself from sharing this with your fellow friends.

The guys Tyagraj Thakur has described the story as follows.
“An experience worth sharing.

After spending the holidays at home I was traveling from my hometown Balangir to my workplace Sambalpur this morning by Ispat Express. I was in an unreserved coach and things were quite usual for about an hour. All of a sudden a child (about 2 years old) started crying; rather screaming. For a minute I thought that a child crying in a train was usual, but when I saw some people gathering around the child just two seats before me, I too felt curious to know. The heavy window pane had fallen on the child’s tender palm leaving her injured. The child’s mother was helpless. I saw the child’s little hand oozing a stream of blood. The fellow passengers wanted to help, but had almost nothing to extend. I rushed to the pantry car and asked for the first-aid kit, but surprisingly the pantry didn’t have any such kit. I came back and saw that a gentleman had applied some talcum powder on the injury and wrapped the child’s palm with his handkerchief. The mother was pacifying the sobbing child. I felt frustrated and sank back to my seat. Opened my phone and flipped through my Facebook page. There I got an idea. I tweeted the incident to Sri Suresh Prabhu, Honorable Minister of Railways, but didn’t expect much. I was just trying to console myself that something might happen. I had read stories of Suresh Prabhu solving problems in just a tweet away. The child was still sobbing, some people were trying to call the Bargarh station for help, but nothing so concrete was visible.


Within five minutes I got a reply from the ministry of Railways asking for the PNR with a direction to the DRM, Sambalpur to send medical help.


Watching this on my mobile screen my eyes got wide open. I got a ray of hope. I tweeted back the seat number and position of the coach. Within a few minutes I got a message from the DRM Sambalpur mentioning that he had allocated the medical team for immediate service.


I was just wondering at the level of professionalism from a government sector in India. The train reached Sambalpur at 8.20 am. I was supposed to get off, but I chose to wait for sometime. Within 2 minutes I saw a medical team comprising a doctor and 2 paramedical staff with their medical kit bag searching for the child. They attended the child, applied some medicine, sanitized and wrapped the palm with cotton and bandage, gave a syrup to the child’s mother and ensured that the people travelling with the child understood the instructions and advised them to see a doctor after they reach their destination.

My heart was dancing with immense joy seeing this impeccably organised team and their service. I saw the doctor asking the TTE, “What are you doing in the train? I have been informed to take care of it from the government and you are not even aware of it.” I went to the doctor, thanked him for the prompt service and told him that I was the guy who had tweeted. He was happy to know and asked for my name. I pulled out my visiting card from my wallet, gave it to the doctor, tweeted back to the DRM Sambalpur and ministry of Railways with a note of thanks, thanked the doctor once again and left the platform.

I started having more respect for the Prime Minister and the Minister of Indian Railways for having created such an effective system which responds so quickly that to on a tweet. Amazing and incredible. I don’t publicly praise the PM because I might be called a Bhakt or a Sanghi which I am not. But this incident propels me to say “Har Har Modi”. Government of the people, by the people and for the people. I wish we achieve his vision of New India soon.
Here is screenshot of the tweet conversation. Please read. Long live democracy.”

Here’s the original post!

We must say the Country is taking it’s shape! Thank you Suresh Prabhu aka SuperHero!

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