Suddenly The World Is Becoming A Better Place As N-Korea, S-Korea & Indo-China Became Friends!

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Another World-War is on it’s way!

We’ve been hearing this from last couple of years with a reason and with the name of those countries who may start the war with a justification and no doubt India’s name is in the list due to it’s rivalry with it’s neighbour countries.

Every major country in Asia & Europe was walking and functioning like a great powers few days back, locking horns to become a super power in strategic, military and economical power. But suddenly everything became normal and the world is now becoming a better place.

An answer to this lies in understanding great power behavior.

For the first time in history Pakistan will do a joined military exercise with India
India-China agrees to Improve Strategic Communication at the End of Informal Talks
N-Korea & S-Korea joined hands to end the war and talk on peace

Half of the worlds most dangerous rivalry already ended up by just 3 handshakes. And every big conflicts are already on it’s path heading towards a resolution and looking for tie-ups for a better bonding. Isn’t it? No! it’s not.

In his book, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, John J. Mearsheimer, the author of the “offensive realism” theory, writes that one of the principal strategies used by great powers when facing a dangerous adversary, is buck-passing. “A buck-passer attempts to get another state to bear the burden of deterring or possibly fighting an aggressor, while it remains on the sidelines. The buck-passer fully recognises the need to prevent the aggressor from increasing its share for world power but looks for some other state that is threatened by the aggressor to perform that onerous task.”

This may seems as a positive move but no one can ignore the possibility of a more greater rivalry in between the same countries.


There is no doubt that China will attempt to establish its hegemony in Asia and that India will resist this attempt. As both the countries wants to take the top position in Asia. This could only trigger more assertiveness and tensions in future.


North Korea & South Korea agreed to bring back peace and harmony in both the countries and N-Korea said it’ll not work on any N-missiles project but the recent report says China is helping N-Korea to continue it’s missile work at a secret place near Chinese border and the US administration is still not fully convinced by Kim Jong to shut down it’s nuclear site.

So, anytime it may become better to worse as everyone knows about the history of North Korea which is not correct in theses cases.


Last but not the least Indo-Pak joint military exercise. For the first time since they emerged as different countries in 1947, India and Pakistan are set to take part in joint military drills. This will also accompanied by Russia & China.

But no one knows how long this will continue as Pakistan’s interference in J&K state is continuously rising and India is a country which act very fast and aggressively to respond to it’s enemies & now the civilians near to this place are paying the price of this rivalry.

Now, the international observers are closely watching everything; let’s see how long and effectively this peace mission of this super powers will continue!

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