Sanitary Napkins Are Out Of GST NOW, Something To Cheer About This Monsoon!

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Almost a year long protest and campaign against govt.s decision of adding GST on sanitary napkins finally ended up. India scraps tax on sanitary pads to boost the girls education.

Image Courtesy-TOI

Bleeding between your legs every month is no longer considered a luxury and girls are happy that govt. understood that pads are not luxury but a compulsory necessitiy. This will ensure menstrual hygiene amongst a large no.of women in India and specially those who lives in the rural and remote areas.


Earlier in January this year, a group of students from Gwalior launched a campaign to drive the point home. The students sent sanitary napkins with the message written on them to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to exempt the taxes levied on the product and make it free of cost.

But still the question remains, “Will no GST on Sanitary Napkins really make it affordable for women? A pack of 10 costs Rs 80-90. Can a difference of 8-10 Rs make it affordable for women in lower income brackets? Or do we need a more informed approach towards menstrual hygiene”- asked twitterati Rashmi Singh.

While most of the people are appreciating such step, social media get’s a very mixed reaction on the decision.

Let’s check out.

Let us know your reaction on the decision!

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