Rourkelites New Fav. Hangout Place ‘Flavour Box’ By A Young Women Entrepreneur Is Now Talk Of The Town!

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“Small City, Big Dreams”, Yes we all have heard this phase but turning these mammoth dreams into a stunning reality takes time, effort and lots of patience. Every day we see new startups emerging in big cities but what about the cities that lack the resource and apt traffic for a successful business. Is it possible for a young and passionate entrepreneur to bag the market with quality service and out of the box thinking?

Evidently, it is possible!

A young 23 year old female entrepreneur, Trishika Kayal, from Rourkela worked towards the goal of
catering metro-city service via cafeshop/restaurants to the steel city and she has achieved to turn her dream into reality lined with a beautiful rainbow. A student of St. Joseph and Carmel, this go-getter has started her very own venture into the food industry with the name “Flavour Box”.

What inspired her?

Picture Courtesy- Lifestory Photography

Well perhaps the fact that many women dream but those dreams are lost somewhere between
managing the house, relationships and taking care of everyone. In a nutshell, women do not chase after their dreams; they forget that they are important too. They forget to love themselves and this is what subdues the dreamer inside.

Rourkela is a city with the best people, best food and updated, trendy youth who is always in search of something new. As a unique perceiver, Trishika wanted to be the name behind this change and here she is with her unique concept with a vision to create a successful chain of restaurants starting with Rourkela as the base.

Food- The ultimate passion

Picture Courtesy- Lifestory Photography

Food is always the ultimate driving force behind any individual. We work for food and at the end of the day investing in something that isn’t delicious enough isn’t worth all the effort delivered to work for the food. Keeping all these factors in mind, Trishika came up with the concept of Flavour Box to deliver quality, quantity, and excellence with lip-smacking taste, all these at some of the most affordable price tags you would have ever seen.

Is it worth it?

The answer here is a big “YES”. Well we say why not give it a try and know for yourself. You can expect the best taste at a price you would love to pay upfront without any second doubts.

What’s New?

With a snazzy look that catches one’s attention, Flavour Box is your next selfie station with beautiful background and amazing food in the forefront. Now tag yourself on Facebook with your friends and enjoy the quality served to you with an appetizing testimony that defines itself. Walk into a promise of feature-packed restaurant that serves what you actually deserve as an esteemed customer. Food, your friends and a great ambiance will surely make a memory to cherish for long.


Make sure you take a piece of this new project with you inside your heart and yes, that tummy full of goodness as well. & Flavour Box for you is a leap of faith that gets you to grass that is green and tempting.

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