The Ravenshaw Graduate’s Story Who Drives Auto In Rourkela Is Really A Lesson To Learn!

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He- Excuse me!
Me- Yes! [During smoking….]
He- Can you tell me how to use facebook? (the #autowala asked standing near Ambagan Market)

It was surprising to hear that for a moment but as i was waiting for my colleague, so i thought that i can use that short time to help him with facebook.

Story Courtesy- Rourkela Shines
Story Courtesy- Rourkela Shines

With a casual conversation and my curiosity i could not asked him what’s the purpose of installing fb, so i asked him ‘Whats your name bhaiya?Any one special whom you are looking for on fb?’

He- My name is Subhransu Sekhar and Yes! i am looking for my brother. He’s staying in USA.

Me-   ! WTF! You mean America [wahi wala?]

He-Yes! he was a senior scientist in DRDO and currently staying in USA with his family.

I was not only surprised at that time but also shocked. My curiosity was increasing when he started narrating his story.

The Auto Driver’s name was Subhransu Sekhar(original name) who comes from a modest background. He’s a graduate from first autonomous batch of Eastern India’s old and biggest Ravenshaw University in the year 1992.

“His brother was a Ex-DRDO scientist and currently staying in USA. His wife is a school teacher and his 2 kids are studying at Chinmaya Vidyalaya EM at chhend.”

“Subhransu is driving the auto from last 17 years in Rourkela. What he narrated the story about his bachelor time, it was a life time lesson for the youth of today.”

During his bachelor time he was very much obsessed with smoking. After his collegiate at Ravenshaw he returned to Rourkela and spent most of his time roaming with friends and spending all the money on cigarettes and other stuffs.

Not very much happy with his life and after leaving two jobs, a day came when he was approached by an auto owner to go for a trip and in return he promised to pay him Rs.20/- for his cigarettes. He didn’t have any choice and he agreed and got paid by him. Slowly and Gradually he started doing the trips and get paid by the auto rickshaw owner. But the payment was in the form of cigarettes and tiffin only.


He was completely in the deal with the auto rickshaw owners and drivers and one day he planned to take his own auto. With the help of other drivers he bought his 1st auto in 1996 and then 2nd then 3rd and now he’s planning to take his 4th auto.

Subhranshu stated that now he’s earning around Rs.30,000/- per month and managing his family and very happy that he’s still in Rourkela and left his habit of smoking cigarette.

My cigarette ended with his inspiring story. I taught him how to use facebook [though he was not very clear enough on the use of fb as it was his first login] & my colleague arrived at Ambagan chowk; i left giving him a   and thanked him for sharing his story.

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A degree from Ravenshaw could have easily landed Subhranshu a job with a big pay packet at a multinational company. However, his weakness to cigarette landed him to drive auto though he’s earning a good amount of money for his family now.  It’s important to enjoy our college time but we need to understand what’s wrong and what’s right?

It has been rightly said by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach “In youth we learn; in age we understand.”

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