This Ravenshaw Girl Has Raised A Valid Point On Telephone Stalkers & Asked Why Girls Can’t Retaliate Like Boys?

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“Good morning dear” !
When you get a call from an anonymous number & you ask for the name . But the reply that come will sort of flirtatious. When you’ll get a call from a number you don’t recognize & he start abusing and misbehaving you on the phone! First Number, second number and then third number; every time you block one, you get another call from a new unknown number.

stalked-misbehave  Pic Courtesy-LifeScript

Have you ever imagined that everyday how many girls are getting abused and stalked on phone? You have no idea !
This Ravenshaw Girl who requested to keep her name secret has raised a valid point on her message that we all need to think and consider that why girls can not retaliate in the same manner boys do and asked what next should be done then? Here’s the message!

“I am a student of Ravenshaw University and I stay in hostel. I do not want my identity to be revealed. I have read all those posts in which girls are protesting against molestation. Well, there is one kind of molestation that is never spoken of. Random guys call and abuse girls over the phone. Yes, what we can do is block the number; I had been doing it all these days. But enough is enough! Why would I keep quite regarding this? Why should I let anyone call me and abuse me?!

I blocked the number once and he called using another number. I want to know why should girls keep quite who’re facing the similar situation! When we retaliated and spoke out, the guy had the audacity of saying that girls don’t talk like you do, “Toki ta tu? Toki maane emiti katha huantini”. I wonder why a girl cannot retaliate when she is spoken ill at. Even my male friends reacted like that! They questioned me why I didn’t I block his number. But how many times should i do? I want to know why should this happen! The guy on the phone tells me that his SIM is non documented, so he can do whatever he wants to with it.

I have seen guys fighting over silly reasons, when just one bad word spoken. But why cannot girls retaliate! We have lodged a complained at the particular mobile company customer service; I don’t know if it is a criminal offense. If you could tell me what can be done and spread the word, it would be really good of you. ”

Well! Meditation trainer Parth Sharma has suggested something to tackle these kind of situation and shared his experience that how one of the girl used to face similar situation and she used a public telephone & called that guy disguised as a tele-market executive informing him that a particular theatre in their city is organising a quiz and if he answers the question right he will receive a couple movie ticket for the upcoming new release. She asked him a very trivial bollywood question, which he answered correctly and she declared him the winner. To receive the ticket she asked his address as the delivery boy of this event organiser will deliver the ticket to his house by evening or day after. The guy happily gave the address. Then she texted from her number that she had got his address and is going to complain to police if he harassed her again. And that was the last time they talked.”

This is one of the way to counter from your end but stalking over telephone comes is a criminal offence according to Indian law and Under Section 354(d)if any person follows a woman and tries to contact with her in order to foster personal interaction despite the woman’s disinclination then he is committing stalking. So an option to file an FIR is always open if you’ll unsafe.





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