‘RAID’-Based On Real Story Of Odisha’s Brave IT Officer Amay Patnaik!

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You just have to put him in a character of your choice and he’ll justify it with his extremely amazing acting skills. The name is Ajay Devgan!

From Drishyam to Singham and now RAID! The movie which is based on inspiring real story played by Ajay Devagan of character, Odisha’s brave IT officer Amay Patnaik. During the period of 80’s, the officer was working for Indian Revenue Service [IRS] in UP conducted back to back RAIDs on various high profile leaders.

Amay Patnaik-an income tax officer of infallible integrity, who drives fear in the hearts of the dishonest every time!

In an interview to DNA a former officer told that what went on behind those raids and how the team successfully carried them out in unfavourable situations. “We would pick teams of honest officers, who would do thorough research and not depend on information based on hearsay. After a careful analysis, we would decide on whether to conduct the raid or not and accordingly get our senior’s approval for it.”

So, the movie is like a double bonanza for the audiences in Odisha. As many don’t know the story of Amay Patnaik and this picture will definitely make a strong impact on it’s audience.

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