Prakruti Mishra MMS Again On Trend For Obvious Reasons

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Yesterday night actor Arindam Roy, tied the nuptial knot with Anupa Das at a city based hotel here in Bhubaneswar. Anupa is the sister of Pranab Prakash Das, Energy Minister of Odisha.

Arindam Choudhury's Marriage

But what’s making news apart from that?

Arindam Roy & Prakruti Mishra, both the names are not new to the Ollywood world. But what’s new is a 4year old mms clip of Ollywood star Prakruti Mishra burning, tearing and flushing Arindam’s picture is again on trending and that too obvious as the video has claimed that the 2 of the Ollywood stars were in a relationship before they broke up due to the affair of Priya and Arindam.

Courtesy- Kanak News
Courtesy- Kanak News

prakruti-mishra burned arindams picture
Though later in the video Prakruti made it very clear that she respects Arindam Choudhury as a senior actor and he’s 14 years older than her. So before watching the video, let’s remind you again that the star war is 4years old incident and the talented Ollywood heartthrob Arindam has also stepped into his new life with Anupa on 4th December 2016.

                                  Video Courtesy-Kanak Tv


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