On The Day Of Shiv Ratri This Story Of Vedvyas Will Change Your Life Forever & Make You Believe In God!

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Vedvyas! The place which is having a lot of unresolved mysteries till now! Rourkela’s only biggest dham of supreme god Shiva which has changed many lives and the story below is one of themĀ !

It’s been 25 years in Rourkela and 20 years since i started archiving the memories. Being born in Rourkela I always love to go Vedvyas temple when I was younger. God never became the reason for my visit to the place, the reason was the serene and sublime atmosphere there. Some said I was an atheist or still am, but to me I knew..I knew exactly Why I didn’t believe in him (GOD). In my childhood I was always told there is a guardian angel watching over us, solving problems for us and even doing #Heroic appearances in the moment of need and the only thing i needed to do was just have faith in him. So I had faith in him.

In the moment of need when I felt that a little help can do the miracle, I always prayed to GOD. When ever I haven’t done my homework and about to get punishment from teacher, I prayed to GOD whenever my results are about to be published, I prayed to GOD even when I needed anything that was already denied by my parents, I prayed to GOD to convince my parents to buy me that stuff, so with every prayer gradually I started thinking that no one was listening to my prayers.

May be there is no GOD, even if GOD exists he hates me that’s why he is not listening and finally my faith in him totally abolished when I lost my right leg in a car accident at the age of 16.

There was no GOD. No god came and helped me or relieved me from my pain or fixed my amputated leg and i started thinking if God was real and was perfect, why did he create us and many other living creatures so poorly? For instance, we are vulnerable to many diseases, our bones break easily, and with age our bodies and minds break down and i just have lost my leg in an accident. Now I’m 25 years old and I still don’t believe in god but now as I become matured enough to understand how things work, I realized that you can’t blame god for everything. Ultimately it’s you who will take the fall and rise with the sun again.

I still love visiting Vedvyas temple quite often. It makes me feel that I don’t need to mourn for the past as past can never be changed & there is a lot to cherish for in everyone’s life. May be today also I don’t believe in god but I know someone somewhere is looking after us, a guardian angel; May Be God!

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