Odisha You Tubers Surprised Salman Khan With Thier Funniest Spoof Of Race3

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Salman Khan bursts into laughter as he shares spoof of Race 3 at Dus Ka Dum promotions made by OYE tv.

You must be thinking what’s OYE tv!

Well, OYE tv is an Youtube channel in Odisha which make spoof videos of Bollywood movies. But no one ever imagined that the spoof video made in Odisha will reach Salman Khan.

A 4minute video posted on YouTube has re-created all scenes from the trailer but what had fun to it is the shoddy execution. It also features toy cars and helicopters. Salman Khan seems to have had a gala time on the sets of Dus Ka Dum. He was left laughing uncontrollably as he shared with the audience a spoof video of Race 3 shot by a group from Odisha.

Without much delay, let’s watch the spoof video first and then Salman’s reaction!

Watch Salman’s Reaction

Well done guys!

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