Why Some Odisha Guys Scared While Talking To A Girl! Don’t Worry Dude, She’s Not A ‘Dahani’, Take A Chill Pill!

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It happened way back in school days and then again in college, it always happens! When we used to like a girl but just because we couldn’t gather that courage to speak to her, we generally let her go!

Well! when most of the guys have the courage to express their feelings, there’s still a huge section of secret admirers who really needs your help. 🙂

They always choose to speak to themselves on how they’ll propose their lady love and wind up getting friendzoned.

To all those guys who belong to Odisha, it can be understood that few of them are very conservative and traditionalist to chat on love, relation and sex. Oopsss!! We don’t say that word here, it’s resembles Voldemort of Harry Potter. No body says that word as it’ll give birth to a devil.

But hey its a piece of life, isn’t it and why to feel shy on something which plays a extremely noteworthy part in our everyday life. What’s the point in killing your emotions, who knows if she’s in love with you too or may she’ll. Of course we’re not psychologist but you shouldn’t take a chance to let her go just because you’re afraid and feel shy and you tend to stress over what they may think about you and you want to act well before them.

So, here are some tips on how to win a girls heart and trust without getting friendzoned!

  • All you need is to realize that girls too are human and are equal to you. You need to respect them and be confident when you’re talking to them.
  • If you believe that you’re a nerd then don’t try to be supercool suddenly. Concentrate on improving your qualities and be positive.
  • Don’t get too much emotional, excessive passionate or don’t try to imitate someone else, just be yourself and be a good friend to her.
  • In the end, don’t forget there is no such thing called love at first sight, there’s second sight love too! Attempt to find that on the off chance that you’ll neglect to get your first sight love! :p

Good Luck!

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