Why ODISHA Girls Are Simply The Best & Different From Other Girls? This Guy Has The Perfect Answers To That!

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Believe Us This Post Should Reach Out To All The Odisha Girls & Non-Odia Guys!

You may be cool as hell and intelligent AF but there’s no one in this country who can say all girls are same! Specifically when it comes to Khanti Odia girls you’ll get a perfect mixture of culture, beauty, talent & anger which makes them the best. This architect from Hyderabad has perfectly explained on quora why exactly Odia girls are different from others!

“I really can’t comment much on the physical aspects, but in a way found the Odia girls attractive in their own way. Majority of them have a dusky complexion, which enhances their attractiveness, and add to it a rather cute accent. Having interacted with them at various levels( professionally and personally), observed the following. I am not sure if that makes them different from other females in India.

Don’t call them Bengali– Odia females are immensely proud of their roots. It might be the hep looking girl, who loves to freak out on Friday night, or the rather demure, shy girl working in your office. But the common thing is they love their state immensely. And nothing annoys them more, than being mistaken for Bengali. You might even get to hear about how Odisha is not Bengal, and how much different it is.

Don’t look down upon Odisha– They really don’t appreciate it if you, characterize their state as “backward”. No they might not show it openly in your face, but they are very self respecting. They hate to be treated in a condescending and patronizing manner. They are immensely proud of their state and it’s culture. Odia girls might not wear the pride they have in their state on their sleeves, but they are fiercely proud about it. And one thing, they actually take pains explaining how beautiful their state is and how culturally rich they are.

We love culture and arts– Coming from a state that is culturally rich, most of them carry their culture wherever they are. You can see it in the puja mandirs of their homes or even rooms, where they have those tiny idols of Jagannatha, Balabhadra, Subhadra. And most of them have some talent in the arts, either singing, music, or fine arts. Well and have a look at some of the well known artists from there. Sona Mohapatra, Nandita Das, Mira Nair, Sanjukta Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh & the list is endless.

Best friends to have– Do you have a female friend who is Odia? Well just consider yourself one of the most fortunate person ever. With a sweet smile and a warm nature, they just about make your day. They generally tend to be open and honest, no double dealing or trying to act smart. And yes they are very hospitable, any time you drop in to their home, be prepared to be pampered to the hilt. Also polite to a fault, rarely see them being rude. Add to it their rather cute accent, which most Odia girls have. And yes, if you do have an Odia girl working with you, expect her to share some nice dish from her state with you.

Sincere and hard working- I have worked in Odisha, as well as with Odia girls outside the state. I found them to be very sincere and determined in whatever they do. It could be programming, social work, NGOs, Management, whatever the field, they give their 100% in it. They are willing to do the hard yards, listen carefully and are very eager learners too. Be prepared to have them coming up to you, and flooding you with queries or doubts.

Lovely names– One thing these girls sure have some lovely sounding Sanskrit names. You have girls with names like Lopamudra, Kumarika, Pratyusha, Swarnaprava, names that seem to come right out of some old Sanskrit epic.”

Truly! Odisha girls means the best there was, the best there is & with a perfect class the best there ever will be! 🙂

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