A Mysterious Unidentified Creature Is Attacking Animals & People In Niali, Odisha; Picture Goes Viral On Social media!

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In the age of Social Media, it’s quite easy to fool people. Often people fall for hoaxes and fake news that do rounds on internet without even investigating further or doing a little background check of the source. Recently an image of an unidentified animal which seems more like an animal humanoid is going viral on Facebook across Odisha and people are linking this image to the bizarre deaths of over 200 sheep.

“It all started some 45 days ago when the first case of the bizarre deaths of sheep came to light. Throats slit, chests ripped and hearts taken out and that too without bleeding; just like a clinical death, It’s how the carcass of sheep have been found.”

It may sound like a plot of any horror movie but it is not. It happened and kept happening for a period over 45 days and nearly 200 sheep reported dead. People are hard wired to respond to fear and taking the advantage of this situation, miscreants posted a six year old photo-shopped image known as the goat-man.

Rest of the known things are just fueled up by social media and those people who label themselves as intellectuals on social media. In a matter of time the photo-shopped image was getting viral across Odisha and people panicked in the fear of a non-existent animal. A woman even claimed that she has been attacked by this animal. Even the govt officials who work in forest department fell for this hoax and a giant trap has been set up in the village to capture this animal.

The bizarre deaths of sheep is still unsolved and the irony is people are still believing the widely circulated fake story on social media to be true. From the house of Odisha Shines it’s a humble request to our readers not to fall for any fake stories on social media. Do a little background check, investigate the source of information a little further and Never ever share a hoax or a fake story knowingly. It may be for fun but the people who label themselves as intellectuals will think the story or hoax to be true and start panicking with 59 others.

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