Do You How Much Rourkela Banks Have Deposited After Demonetization?

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After almost a week of announcement of PM Modi of scrapping Rs.500 & 1000 currency note. Rourkela banks announced that it had collected Rs 82 crore in deposits on last Thursday, Friday & Saturday as published on popular Odia daily Sambad on it’s 13th November Rourkela edition. Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 was demonetized by the central government and the entire Rourkela is standing in queue from last 4 days.


The country’s largest lender exchanged Rs 4,146 crore of scrapped notes between November 10 and November 14 up to 5 pm, said SBI to India Today.Though several ATMs were closed in many parts the city on account of Gurunanak Jayanti today, a number of branches, especially in Chhend colony, were open.


In a statement issued yesterday, Indian Banks Association (IBA) had said in the last three days, banks disbursed nearly Rs 30,000 crore in currency notes of lower denominations and the newly introduced Rs 2,000 notes. Below is the details of deposit in various banks in Rourkela.


After almost a week of cash deficit, much to the relief of the citizens State Bank of India today announced that Rs 50 and Rs 20 notes too will be dispensed from ATMs soon.

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