Meet Mr. Impossibles Of Balangir, Who Took The Entire Speaker On Scooty To Play Rangabati On Holi!

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You might have seen people doing party in swimming pools, people dancing in the tunes of radio placing it on their shoulder. But one can only imagine taking the huge speakers with battery on a scooty streak and dancing in the tunes of Rangabati in the mid of the street. It happened somewhere in Balangir however you need to admit the madness of these guys! What’s the place in India where this sort of things happen?

Man! It can happen just in Odisha. Somebody needs to tag Sona Mohapatra in the wake of watching this. It’s all her blame for this sort of frenzy..

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Now Don’t forget to rag a friend who always some crazy idea to enjoy the things!! 😀

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