“International Stadium To Be Built In Rourkela”- This News Can Make Our Day If It’ll become True!

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Suprised! Well if tomorrow you’ll browse through the internet or newspaper in the morning and see this headline, then don’t get surprised. That can be completely possible & true. As Rourkela has been declared as a smart city and it has made the citizens to speculate over the progress & development of the city.

And we have thought to give your speculations some more wings to fly. If you don’t know then let us tell you that the total space of Rourkela Steel Township is larger than New Delhi Municipal Council which covers an area of 44.83 square Kms, while Rourkela Steel township covers the area of 45.13 square kms. And unlike Bhubaneswar, steel city has many big grounds and areas which can be developed into anything. Just how years before Birsa Maidan has been transformed into a small stadium but now it is getting used for the public meetings and gatherings and also Nehru Maidan transformed into one of the biggest park of the city, which is now known as ‘Nehru Park’.

Representational Image | Courtesy- Dubai Cricket Stadium

Now if we will go through the suggestions of citizens during the smart city online campaigning, where most of the people suggested for an International stadium and to develop Rourkela as a tourist place, then this can be the next big thing govt. should consider and start working to pitch the idea on the track, as many national and international players from this city has represented India in many tournaments across the world.

Now what are the places you will refer which are suitable to make an international stadium? Any ideas?

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