This Fighting Video Of A Journalist & Traffic Police At PMG Square, BBSR Is Going Viral Now!

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There are two professions which always brings out the truth in front of public as public service is a part of their job. But it’s also true that at sometimes journos & lawmakers think that they’re above the law & this is exactly what happened at PMG Square, Bhubaneswar.

The incident happened in the broad day light when 2 journalists in a scooty touched the zebra crossing without wearing helmet which is of course a clear violation of traffic rule but instead of committing the mistake; after a small argument, the journalist pushed the traffic police which is again a violation of traffic rule by manhandling a police officer during duty hour. Even some says that the journalist tried to protest assault on lady journo by traffic Cop.

Different stories coming out from the eye witnesses but what happened next was shocking & the entire incident got recorded in the CCTV camera at the spot.


We all must remember that journalism and police job both have very responsible duties but the way this incident happened we don’t know what to say. Mistreating a lady, pushing the cop, crossing the zebra crossing, not wearing helmet and manhandling from both the end; these all were a part of the story.

Now what’s your reaction after watching this!!

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