Ever Wondered What Narendra Modi’s Security Was Carrying In This Black Suitcases At Bhubaneswar! Things You Should Know!

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If you’ve seen in television or attended yesterday’s PM Modi’s rally in Bhubaneswar then you’ve definitely noticed something! The Suitcase! In many Hollywood movies we’ve seen how the security personnel of US president surrounds him with this suitcases. But do you what exactly is inside this!

If you’re thinking that these briefcases that accompanies the PM only contains important documents and other accessories like Prime Minister’s seals and other accessories than we’re sorry but you’re wrong. The suitcases Modi’s security was carrying in Bhubaneswar or in most of the places in India during his visit is actually a bulletproof shield. Which also has a concealable pocket which provides for discreet carriage of pistols.

Just like terrorists are developing new techniques to attack any person our security agencies are also evolving techniques and types of equipment to protect them.

Recently PM Modi breaks his protocol to greet the people of Odisha during his visit to Bhubaneswar for National Executive meeting of BJP and a team of SPG seemed to be surrounding the PM carrying black suitcases through his entire journey from the airport to the meeting place.

But What Exactly Is In That SuitCase?

The “Briefcase” that SPG operatives carry while protecting the Prime Minister is actually a portable bullet proof shield and whenever security forces smells any threat or any type of suspicious activity, they just have to flick the folded shield downwards to deploy it quickly to secure the prime minister.

The SPG or Black Cat Commandos never take 1% chance to loose the security and they always know where the PM is heading. So next time you shouldn’t have doubt whether the security personnel’s are carrying Prime Minister seals or nuclear button 😉

Also Watch- Narendra Modi Breaks Protocol To Greet Odisha People Personally In Bhubaneswar

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