Bhubaneswar People Are Paying Money To Vendors Without Touching Their Wallet!

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After Modi govt. scrapped the Rs.500 & 1000 note from the market, the entire country stands up in a queue. Out of service Banks and ATMs are even bigger challenges for the govt. and the people. But that doesn’t stop the roadside vendors and street food stalls of the capital ‘Smart City BBSR’. And their smartness and quick action and upgrade to technology is truly appreciable.

In the time of shortage of currency notes, roadside vendors selling gupchup (panipuri or golgappa) of the smartest city have adopted the smartest ways: accept payment thorough paytm.

Courtesy- TheHindu
Courtesy- TheHindu

In an interview to Times Of India, ‘Shibashankar Patra’ who sells gupchup (panipuri or golgappa) and ‘dahi vara’ on the roadside outside the Ekamra Haat on the heart of the city, on Friday linked himself to payment option through paytm. The sight of paytm accepted here on his trolley made people to stop by and take note. “The notice was displayed today (Friday) but I will start accepting payment through paytm from Saturday. All formalities were done,” patra said.


“Even if you eat for Rs 10, no problem. Pay using paytm,” he said, adding many of his competitors had applied for paytm.

The alternative payment method for the customers is just reducing their burden of running out of cash. Because of the liquidity crunch increasing number of shops in the city in past two days had started commissioning electronic method of money transfer and payment. “I was planning to install card payment options in my shop for past some months. The problem arising out of the demonetization has given me more reasons to install card payment options and also payment thorough paytm,” said a grocery shop owner at KIIT Square.

BBSR Genius

When Paytm’s business is moving faster and reaching out to the every citizen and even road side vendors with the digital wallet, BBSR people are wondering even they can get a cashback after 2 extra panipuri’s. :p


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