Anubhav Mohanty Spot And ShutDown Haters Criticism With His Extreme Body Transformation

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Call him ‘Balunga Toka‘ or ‘Matric Fail‘, but this 6feet tall Bhaijaan of Ollywood is just can’t be ignored by any person walking on the surface of this world. No matter how much the haters shout, but Anubhav knows hot to shut them in one sentence and he did exactly that. With all the love and respect, he just nailed it.

Recently Anubhav Mohanty has updated his pictures at gym on social media, which draws a major attention of all and everyone due to his amazing body transformation. From fat-to-fit, Anubhav is now looking absolutely stunning with his new physique by lifting weights and pushing himself to the limits for his upcoming movie.

But like every other celebrity, he has some die hard fans and some of the ignorant critics who said that the picture uploaded by Anubhav is not only fake and but also morphed. I mean who the hell in the world can’t compare an edited picture and a real one! After the criticism Anubhav took help of facebook to express his love for everyone including his haters and posted “Thanks & love for writing fake/edited & also encouraged me. Time will surely answer your doubts.”

Here’s the original post.

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